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Foot Orthotics

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Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics, also referred to as arch supports or foot care orthotics, are one of the most practical treatments recommended by podiatrists. They are used to treat a variety of foot ailments.

Clinical studies have shown that proper footwear along with foot orthotics play an important role in treating many foot maladies. These prescribed devices reduce and redistribute pressure and pressure points in the foot, which aid the diabetic foot and arthritis pain.

Orthotics work well for the Flat Foot, (Pes Planus) where the arch of the foot collapses to contact the ground, and also ease the pain of the opposite problem, High Arches (Pes Cavus).

Foot Care Orthotics

Foot care orthotics take various forms and are constructed of various materials, usually best recommended by your doctor to address the severity of you medical condition. And Drew makes it easy to use them. We offer a full line of stylish and comfortable shoes that will accommodate your orthotics.

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