"In a word, 'Great!' With my
old shoes, I couldn't finish
a full day's work because..."



Drew Shoe Testimonials


My Drew walking shoes took me to Machu Picchu and Easter Island this past August. My husband and I had always wanted to go to these two locations. The opportunity to go to both on the same trip came this year and we made plans to go; however, prior to the trip, I started having extremely bad heel pain. I was afraid our trip was going to be ruined. I did some research and found out about Drews. I purchased my walking shoes and with help from my doctor was able to go on a trip of a lifetime. Thanks Drew!

Lois from Indiana

 I purchased these for my 73-year-old mother who has orthopedic inserts and cannot wear regular shoes. She almost had to have shoes custom made for her, until we found these. They are amazing for her. The tie provides incredible support, and we're buying her a second pair, because she'll be wearing them every day! The shoes have two removable inserts to provide for customized fit. She is relieved to have these. We'll be purchasing more Drew products!

Lauren from Boston, MA

Love, love, love this shoe!! I get so many compliments when I wear them. I injured my foot and suddenly no shoe is supportive enough except the Drew brand of shoe. The Blast is the best most comfy shoe ever. It is the only shoe I can wear since my injury. I highly recommend this shoe. Pure perfection!

M. Brooks

I wanted to send a quick review for the DREW FLARE shoes I recently ordered. I wear DREW almost exclusively, but this pair of shoes brings such incredible relief to my feet that I just cannot stop wearing them. The shoes are for ANYONE, but for people with arch pain, or limps due to injuries, these are beyond good. How can a pair of shoes take away walking pain and make me want to walk more? Thank you, Drew designers. These are Golden.

L. Charnigo

I just wanted to say you saved my summer. After foot surgery last year, I packed up all my sandals that I will probably never be able to wear again. I found your shoe line and after trying one pair, I immediately bought two more. At my next podiatry appointment, the staff loved the sandals since they could accommodate orthotics and are really cute. They told me they now recommend them to all of their patients.

K. Drummy

I love ordering from Drew.com.  I get hte shoes that enable me to be able to walk and work at a great price.  Ordering is easy and I can find a variety of shoes that fit the same as other shoes that work for me.

C. Welsh

I can't tell you enough the compliments I get on my shoes, especially being tht anyone who knows me knows I wear a big brace on my right leg and that I am constantly in pain.  To have shoes that are not only attractive and fashionable that do not add to the overall pain level is like a gift from the Almighty!  I continue to tell people about your website.  People are always impressed to know they are orthopedic!

J. Olson

I am here to tell you that I ordered two pair of shoes from you and I am sooooo happy! I have finally found shoes for my broken down feet. Thank you. Please never leave!

C. Wilson

I have Drew shoes in oxford, dress, casual and sandals - more pairs than I care to count. I'm glad I discovered your website, and am very pleased with the different styles I recently ordered. My podiatrist was very impressed with them as well. In fact, he included one of the insoles in an order for new orthotics to insure they'll fit all my Drew shoes! Thanks!

D. Skelton

My shoes came today. It was worth the wait. The shocking truth is:
They fit!
They do not hurt, even in the toe box!
I can adjust the straps as necessary.
They seem solidly constructed.
They are attractive and practical. 
My shoe size is generally not available in stores, and mail order is always risky, because every shoe fits so differently, and returns can be expensive, so this is great. Yipee! Thank you.

K. Van Dyke, Seattle

"Running a busy printing business, I'm on my feet all day. I was having a lot of pain and it started to affect my energy level and my ability to work. This is the only brand of shoes I've found that actually allowed me to concentrate on my job, not on foot pain. I'm not sure how they work, but they keep me pain free all day. I would never go back to another brand."

Thank you.

Jim Watkins, Printing Business Owner

"I sincerely love your shoes.  I have a ton of other shoes, and I have to wear them.  I just can't afford to pitch them, but I'll never again buy them.  I usually change socks and shoes half way through the day, and then with clean socks and a different pair of shoes my feet feel revitalized.  I started doing this years ago as a nurse when I had to wear uncomfortable duty shoes that were about looks, not what they felt like.  So I like having two pairs of your shoes, one for the beginning of my day and one for the end of my day!"

Thanks again!


"After retiring from the NYC Police Dept., I decided to apply for a Security Job at the The Yonkers Casino. After standing 8 hours a day, I received pain in my right calf and then a sharp pain in my right thigh like someone was jabbing a sharp instrument into it. I was ready to quit when I found your site and ordered a pair of Security Shoes. Within two days the pain was gone and I have been working 12 hours a day without a pain. Six weeks now and yesterday I brought the empty box into our office so others can get these wonderful shoes."

Pasquale Mattioli - Retired NYC Police Dept.

"I was about to go to work today when the Spring shoes arrived. I wore them to work and at the end of the day, my feet and legs did not hurt. They look good and they fit perfect. The size 10.5 is hard to find, and most often I buy 11, and they slip a little at the heel. The shoes even give room for my feet to swell without being too tight. What a difference it made in my day. I am a Medical Assistant in a busy doctor's office, and am on my feet all day. Everyone in the office admired my shoes and wanted to know where I bought them. In a few weeks, I will order another pair to have one on hand when these wear out. The shoes have great value for the price. I am 110% pleased with my purchase. I ordered over the phone and the person who handled my call was also nice. Thank you for a great shoe and service."

Angela - Medical Assistant.
Mount Vernon, NY

"As a Chiropractic Doctor, I'm on my feet for several hours a day. Usually I would go home with complaints of pain in my feet and legs. But after wearing your shoes, this discomfort has greatly decreased. Thanks again for letting me experience these shoes. I would gladly recommend them to other people!"

Jeffrey L. Donay, D.C.
Urbana, Ohio

"Drew Shoes, by far offer the most attractive selections without compromising quality, support and comfort.  My feet are not worn out at the end of the day from the wrong shoes, and I thank you very much, Drew for providing the trifecta of specialty shoes; quality, style and price!  Keep up the good work!"

R. Disbrow, Lake City, FL

"I just wanted to say thank you for selling such a wonderful shoe...at a great price. I have had my first pair for 2 days and already I purchased an additional pair!!! My feet have never felt better. I am a professional bartender and am on my feet all day and night...and finally, a shoe I look forward to wear!"

Thanks again!

Fred Fischer

"My shoes came late Tuesday. Yesterday, Wednesday, I wore them. Simply, thank you. It was my first pain free day in a very long time. That is saying a lot considering it was also a day of helping my son move out of his 4th floor dorm room. I am thrilled and will be back often. You have a new, loyal customer. P.S. the best part is they LOOK great too!!"

J. Kerttula

"This is a huge "thank you" to your company for being there and doing what you do . . . I am, for the first time in more than a year, free of pain . . ."

Paula Erwin

"Hi:  I have a black pair of Rockford 40808-18, size 12 6E. The laces were destroyed in a recent motorcycle accident. Would you be so kind to send me a new pair, I can't find a match locally. You're boots are awesome, just bought a second pair for yard work. FYI the boot saved my toes in the motorcycle accident. Thanks!"

David Welch

"I discovered Drew shoes after a fall shattered my heels. Unlike most companies, Drew had the size (12, 6E) in several different styles. Of them, the Force has been a superior shoe for my needs. The combination of flat sole, good cushioning, room for orthopedic inserts, and overall foot support have made a big difference in my ability to walk comfortably. Other shoes were painful after just a few minutes of standing; with Drew I have been able to resume many of my normal activities. My feet will never be the same, but these shoes have helped regain much of my mobility and independence."

Eric Wig