"When I bought my first pair of Drew orthopedic shoes 25 years ago, the salesman said I would never want to wear anything else and he was right...."


Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is a syndrome in which the basic defect is an absence or shortage of the pancreatic hormone insulin. This deficiency disrupts the vascular system, affecting the eyes, kidneys, legs, and other extremities such as the feet. Diabetic foot problems arise from poor circulation that causes hyposensitivity (lack of feeling). Clinical studies have shown that footwear and doctor prescribed orthotics play an important role in diabetic foot care. Drew footwear has removable insoles that can be replaced with prescribed orthotics, which help reduce and redistribute pressure and pressure points. The footwear has a wide shank area to better accommodate the diabetic foot. Look for Drew's soft, tumbled leathers that reduce irritation, and shoes that are lined with deerskin or other soft, seamless materials.

Note: This documentation is not intended to suggest treatments for abnormal foot conditions. Any such cases should be referred to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Shoes for Diabetics that take some of the hassele out of diabetic foot care.

Drew Shoe is proud to be the industry leader in diabetic foot care, delivering the most complete line of shoes for diabetics. Our doors opened over 130 years ago, and we satisfied thousands of diabetic customers for over 20 years. Our commitment to providing both retail and wholesale diabetic shoes that combine the best in form, function, and comfort has made us a long time favorite of the diabetic foot care industry.

Traditionally one of the biggest problems with shoes for diabetics is that they have always been so clunky and awkward, often forcing people to choose between proper diabetic foot care and looking good. It is our solutions to these problems that has made our retail and wholesale diabetic shoes sales experience unprecedented growth, for we have created a line of shoes for diabetics that eliminate the notion that style and diabetic foot care are mutually exclusive propositions.

Offering both retail and wholesale diabetic shoes

Instead, you will always find the most fashionable shoes for diabetics on the market in the pages of Drew Shoe catalogs, from casual dress to athletic to sandals, ensuring that you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for the sake of proper diabetic foot care. All of these shoes for diabetics are made with added depth or double added depth, supremely soft insoles, and often seamless inner construction that ensures your feet are able to get the circulation they need to stay comfortable.

So, whether you are looking for retail or wholesale diabetic shoes that combine the best in diabetic foot care and style, you have come to the right place. Start browsing our catalog of the most complete line of shoes for diabetics on the market and you can be walking around in comfort in no time at all.

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