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Arthritic Shoes

Arthritis in the Foot Arthritic Shoes from Drew Shoe Arthritis in the foot can be excruciating. Drew Shoe is proud to offer an extensive line of arthritic shoes that make arthritis in the foot a more manageable condition, offering everything from athletic footwear to casual dress arthritic shoes. There is no cure for arthritis; even medical treatment can disappoint since the foot is one of the most complex parts in the body with 26 bones, six joints, and a multitude of muscles and tendons. Modern medicine has made strides in treating arthritis in the foot, but arthritic shoes remain among the most popular treatment options available, helping to externally alleviate the pain that pharmaceuticals cannot treat internally. 130 years of experience treating arthritis in the foot... With over 130 years experience in developing and delivering shoes that relieve arthritis in the foot, Drew Shoe is the leading supplier of orthopedic footwear. Our success is based on our arthritic shoes’ ability to dramatically reduce the pain of arthritis in the foot, while delivering the styling our customers have come to expect. So, for arthritic shoes that will do more than alleviate the pain of arthritis in the foot, we offer functionality and style. Start browsing our catalog today and you can enjoy the comfort of our arthritic shoes in just a few short days.

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