Why Drew?

Why Drew?


The Drew Difference

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Why Drew A ADDED DEPTH IN TOE BOX AND FOREFOOT allows extra toe room and provides adequate space for use of orthotics.


Why Drew B PADDED TONGUE minimizes lacing pressure over the instep.


Why Drew C FOAM CUSHIONED COLLAR prevents heel slippage for a snug and friction-free fit.


Why Drew D EXTENDED MEDIAL HEEL STABILIZER provides rear foot walking stability and minimizes slippage.


Why Drew E REMOVABLE, DUAL-DENSITY INSOLE with Drillex cover wicks moisture away from the foot to keep it healthy and dry. The insole permanently forms to the foot, where the molded bottom provides additional cushioning.


Why Drew F STEEL SHANK adds support and stability with excellent arch support.


Why Drew G WIDE SHANK, LIGHTWEIGHT OUTSOLE provides a ball-of-foot base for stability and great fit, and a mild "Rocker Bottom" to move the foot forward during walking.


Everyone knows life is a pain when your feet hurt.

That's why so many people choose Drew for the most comfortable shoe in the industry. Only a shoe from Drew will help alleviate pain through an advanced comfort protection system engineered over the last 143 years. We specialize in shoes for feet that require special care, or for anyone who just wants to rest their feet in layers of lightweight comfort. Our footwear is perfect for anyone who suffers from diabetes, arthritis, or years of foot neglect. Our shoes not only relieve foot pain, but they actually keep your whole body aligned, often alleviating nagging back pain.


Only Drew offers the widest range of sizes and widths

In the industry, including hard-to-find narrows and extra-wides. The right footwear in the right size actually improves the way your body responds to daily stresses. When you wear the wrong size, the body constantly works to keep the foot properly positioned in the shoe--resulting in body fatigue. When you wear the correct shoe size, the foot remains properly seated in the footwear and the body is actually energized. Click here to find a shoe in your size.


It's what's inside that counts.

Drew is one of the few companies that uses components such as Steel Shanks, Extended Heel Stabilizers and Drilex®. While you can't see these hidden features, your feet and body can feel the difference. Unlike the majority of footwear on the market today, we carefully combine each component to improve the comfort, support and performance of your footwear. That's why Drew is often prescribed by physicians for foot pain. Click here to find a shoe for your specific foot condition.