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Bunions can form in any part of the foot, but occur most often at the big toe joint. Bunions are created when friction between bones and skin create inflammation, resulting in a fluid-filled sac. With continual pressure the sac hardens and the result is pain and rigidity of the bones. The big toe is often forced into a position where it faces inward, resulting in the bunion. High heels and poorly fitting footwear are considered the main culprits. Drew footwear offers wide toe boxes that reduce cramping and allow the toes to spread out evenly. Drew features extended medial heel stabilizers and specifically designed Lasts that allow adequate toe room, yet keep the heel snug in the shoe. Drew's added depth footwear creates space for custom orthotics, which can prevent the overpronation that created the bunion in the first place. Drew's soft, nearly seamless linings also help to protect bunions and relieve pain.

Note: This documentation is not intended to suggest treatments for abnormal foot conditions. Any such cases should be referred to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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Bunions and Shoes

While there are surgical options that offer treatment for bunions, many people turn towards specialized shoes that cost far less, offer a high level of relief, and don’t carry the complications associated with having bunions surgically removed.

At Drew Shoe we are proud to be a leading source of footwear offering both relief from bunion pain and delivering affordably stylish options. Just because our customers suffer from bunions does not mean they should also bear the burden of awkward and unsightly shoes.

Treatment for Bunions

We have a full line of shoes offering treatment for bunions, from sporty to casual to summer footwear you will always find the double-depth, wide toe-box, soft-insole footwear you need to relieve the burden of bunions. Our shoes are not just pretty footwear masquerading as a treatment for bunions; every product is backed by more than 130 years of delivering medical-grade shoes.

So, if you suffer from bunions, but the idea of surgery (and possible complications) is less than appealing, then see our online catalog featuring extra depth shoes and extra wide shoes. You can start reducing the pain of your bunions and looking great in just a few clicks.

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