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Extra Wide Shoes

Extra wide shoes Drew Shoe has been the industry leader in supplying extra wide shoes for more than 130 years, delivering our customers the widest variety of women’s and men’s extra wide shoes on the market. Whether you are looking for extra wide women’s shoes or the male variety, our selection of the most advanced extra wide shoes feature a complete blend of form, function, and comfort that has long kept us at the top of the industry, and we surely have a pair of either women’s or men’s extra wide shoes that meet your needs. The problem with extra wide shoes has always been that it is often terribly difficult to find them in anything but unsightly styles, leaving many to try and just get their feet in regular sized shoes. At Drew Shoe we have solved that problem by creating women’s and men’s extra wide shoes that emphasize style as mush as comfort, making us a favorite of those with big feet everywhere. Extra wide women’s shoes and men’s extra wide shoes Whether you are looking for casual dress, athletic, or summer sandals, we offer both extra wide women’s shoes and their male counterparts for any occasion, ensuring that you will never be forced to choose between comfort and looking good. So, if you are looking for extra wide shoes that don’t force you to sacrifice style in favor of comfort, then you have come to the right place. Start browsing our catalog now and you can have the men’s or women’s extra wide shoes you want delivered in no time at all.

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