"In a word, 'Great!' With my
old shoes, I couldn't finish
a full day's work because..."

Drew Lite Sock


Just slip your tired feet into a Drew Lite sock and you will never wear another brand again. That is what our customers have been telling us! Not only do these men’s and women’s comfort socks feel good, they are actually good for your feet. More than a sock, Drew Lite socks offer a system of protection and comfort. On the comfort side, our Barefoot Freedom® Comfort Socks have a unique anatomical fit, providing for a customized, non-binding feel. For protection, each pair of our Drew Lite socks has the Aegis™ Microbe Shield that actually inhibits Athlete's Foot fungus and odor-causing bacteria. The Drew Lite sock also wicks away moisture from the foot so it can disperse throughout the sock and shoe.