Drewshoe - Problem Solved!



Color : White

Size : Medium/Large

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Oversized Socks feature hand-sewn toe seams to eliminate irritating ridges, which is especially beneficial to people with diabetes, arthritis or sensitive feet. Their cross-stretch design conforms to feet without binding or bunching and an anti-bacterial finish protects against germs, plus extra-wide tops stretch comfortably over enlarged feet, ankles and calves, casts and bandages, too. Resilient fibers allow them to return to their original shape after laundering. 1 pair. 


Size Women's Men's
Small 5-7.5 4-6.5
Medium/Large 8-10.5 7-9.5
X-Large 11-13.5 10-12.5


  • Resilient, non-bunching construction
  • Micro-Cool treatment process moves moisture away from skin surface
  • Anti-microbial agent inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus on sock fibers to help prevent odor and athlete's foot
  • Helpful for People with Diabetes too
  • Cuffed to Prevent Unraveling & Stretches to 20 inches!